Webalizer PHP

Current version: 0.28 - released 2009-11-09

Page last updated: 2010-01-07

Author: Peter Mescalchin


Webalizer PHP is a PHP5 application designed to serve up password protected web stats generated by the popular Webalizer.

In addition the application reformats the default HTML of Webalizer stats through a rather complex series of regular expressions to produce valid and lighter XHTML output which is then styled via CSS. This produces pages that are typically 30-50% smaller than their originals, largely due to the replacement of deprecated <font>, <strong> and related tags with class/id attributes.

It also functions nicely with the excellent Geolizer HTTP stats patch, which adds better quality location/country based stats using the GeoIP API library, flag icons for countries and displays file sizes in (bytes/KB/MB/GB/TB) instead of the default kilobytes.

Webalizer PHP was originally written to get around Plesk's default Webalizer password protection method of HTTP authentication, with usernames/passwords that are identical to their respective FTP login - which is not always ideal. The ability to repurpose the default Webalizer HTML was a nice bonus.

If you have any questions, comments, or possible improvements please contact me.