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This site has been put together to show the details of the audio system installed into my current car, a 1996 Suzuki Swift hatchback. This is my third car audio install effort and the third system to include a self developed/built PC based mp3 audio player in place of the standard CD/Cassette car audio head unit. This provides many advantages which will become apparent through viewing the pages/images within this site. As with most people which have spent the time/money to opt for the mp3car approach, I would not dream of going back to audio cd's in the car ever again!

In addition to the mp3car system, I have also detailed the sound system, with ideas/methods picked up along the way and information about the car itself. Using my digital camera I have been able to get a good selection of images here and there to help give a better idea and explination to what I have achived. The gallery pages contain a thumbnail summary of all images that make up the site at this moment in time.

If you have any comments/questions about the site, good related links, or wish to discuss any technical details of the system, send them thru via the contact form as I am only too happy to read and reply to them. Also if anyone visiting is a mp3car and/or car audio fan, be sure to tell me what you think of the system and the web site, I would be interested in your comments.

welcome to mp3swift

Current News
25-Jan-2003First update for 2003 and a pretty big one too! The VIA EPIA 800 motherboard has been sucessfully installed along side a 250W DC-DC power supply and new system enclosure. All is documented in the hardware section along with a few new images of the new setup, which overall is running great at the moment and seems to handle this hot Australian summer we are having better than prior systems

Work on the Autoplay software has been a bit slow of late, but current work is focused on a DirectX GFX conversion to speed things up a bit for the EPIA 800 and should be finished soonish.
19-Dec-2002Updated the sound system images to include the new JL Audio XR525-CSi 5.25" 2-Way Splits which have been running with great success for close to a month now. A bit pricey, but very much worth it. Also Auto-Play 1.3 is now available, a few new features and alot of bug fixes.

Anyway, this will be the last update for 2002, so hope you all have a great Xmas and New Years... see you all in 2003!
19-Nov-2002The new SB Audigy has been running with great success for close to two weeks now and the improvement in quality is amazing. The hardware pages have been updated with the change, along with an image of the card installed

Development of Auto-Play is also going along nicely, with a version 1.2 release a few days ago and some new fans of the software putting forward their suggestions and improvements.

Finally my next mp3car player is very soon to be in the works, with an upgrade to a VIA EPIA 800Mhz CPU/motherboard and DC-DC power supply - just to keep things interesting! As always stay tuned...
5-Nov-2002Great progress has been made on mp3swift of late, so time for another update. Firstly after much trouble and stressful coding sessions, DivX video playback support is now reality, and it looks/sounds fantastic! A good way to really show off what the system has to offer.

So now as promised, I am pleased to offer a stable freeware release version of my mp3car software titled 'Auto-Play' - available here. Hopefully a few of you will try it out and find it useful and/or give your feedback. Keep checking back at that site for future updates/releases too.

Finally I have purchased some new hardware toys aimed at increasing sound quality - a Sound Blaster Audigy sound card (with a claimed 100dB S/N ratio!) and some really nice JL-Audio XR525-CSi 5.25Inch splits to replace the current JL-Audio fronts. With any luck the sound card will go in this weekend, and the new splits shortly after. Should be exciting!

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