miPics - ASP.NET 2.0 photo gallery system

Current version: 0.2
Last update: 2nd December 2006
Author: Peter Mescalchin

miPics is a simple, no-frills and easy to use ASP.NET 2.0/MS-SQL 2005 web photo gallery application, developed using Microsoft's free Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition.

The latest miPics Subversion source repository is hosted via Google Code.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions, issues, bugs, problems with this documentation or have found miPics useful for your own needs.




Restore the MS-SQL 2005 database App_Data/miPics.mdf into your target MS-SQL 2005 server. Alternatively if running the project from Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition you can leave the database as a file based .mdf file in the App_Data folder.

Next copy/FTP all ASP.NET files to your target IIS web folder, or alternately deploy the application in a complied state via Visual Studio.

Ensure adequate write permissions are granted to the _Resource/Image/ folder where uploaded images will be saved and the Rss.xml RSS 2.0 gallery feed file contained in the root off the web application.

The following Web.config settings under <appSettings/> then need to be adjusted to suit:

The final Web.config step is to modify the MS-SQL database connection string under <connectionStrings> if running the miPics database from a MS-SQL 2005 server.

To log into the administration system, browse to http://<miPics url>/Administration/ and enter your username & password set in Web.config.

Once setup and running successfully you will most likely want to modify the master page XHTML, style sheet & images in the _Resource/ folder to suit your desired look.

Future enhancements

Some possible future enhancements that may see the light of day going forward:


miPics version 0.2 can be downloaded here: miPics-0.2.zip [211KB].

In addition you can anonymously check out the latest Subversion source repository via Google code.